Ethics and Sustainability

My business revolves around teaching families to love and enjoy nature. As such its is very important to me that "At the Cherry Tree" is respectful to the planet. 

All physical products are printed in the UK on recycled FSC approved paper and card. Two surface finished are used to the cards. The gloss laminate finish is recyclable but not compostable, it is used where cards need to be durable and withstand getting a bit mucky and wet. The matte laminated finish is both recyclable and compostable, this is used on the alphabet and counting sets as these are more likely to be used indoors. 

The pocket sets are presented in a GOTs certified organic cotton bag, and the larger sets in a recycled card box. 

All orders are packaged in cards boxes, with recycled card/paper packaging and sealed with gum paper tape. all of this can go straight in your recycling or compost heap. Or better yet, why not find a way to reuse it for something else?

In 2021 I am hoping to take this further and become a climate positive business so watch this space...